Karma Racing Team Fethiye

Karma Racing Team Achieves Great Success by Winning 4 Trophies in Fethiye Races

Karma Group’s Enduro Team, Karma Racing Team, achieved a remarkable performance in Fethiye races, winning 4 trophies and achieving great success. Under the leadership of team coach Tayyar Karayılan, the team shined with the support of Karma Group CEO Ahmet Suyabatmaz.

The races in Fethiye were filled with victories for Karma Racing Team. The team garnered attention with their exceptional performance on challenging tracks and managed to win trophies in 4 different categories. The strategic guidance of experienced coach Tayyar Karayılan and the team’s determination turned into a great success.

Karma Group CEO Ahmet Suyabatmaz expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, stating, “Karma Racing Team’s outstanding success in the Fethiye races once again showcased the team’s immense potential. Under the leadership of Tayyar Karayılan, the team truly displayed an admirable performance. These victories show that this is just the beginning for our team.”

Karma Racing Team managed to capture the attention of racing enthusiasts with both their technical abilities and the harmony they exhibited together. Their rising momentum, along with the trophies they received, helped them make a name for themselves in the world of sports.

The team’s success not only reflects the payoff of Karma Group’s investments in sports but also highlights the company’s success-driven and innovative vision.

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