Karma Racing Team Kartepe

Karma Group’s Enduro Team Achieves Great Success in Their First Race

Kartepe, November 20, 2023 – Karma Group’s newly formed Karma Racing Team made an exciting debut in Enduro racing and achieved a significant success in their first experience. Led by their experienced coach, Tayyar Karayılan, the team showcased their potential while Karma Group CEO Ahmet Suyabatmaz once again demonstrated his belief in the team’s capabilities.

Competing for the first time on the tracks in Kartepe, Karma Racing Team dazzled everyone with their performance. Through the guidance of their coach, Tayyar Karayılan, the team captured attention with their fast and skilled driving, sprinting from one success to another.

Karma Group CEO Ahmet Suyabatmaz commented on the team’s progress since its establishment and their performance in this first race, stating, “Karma Racing Team’s rapid adaptation and success highlight the immense potential of our team. Under the leadership of Tayyar Karayılan, the team has given us great pride. I have full confidence that this team will achieve even greater victories in the future.”

Even in their initial strides, Karma Racing Team has managed to make a name for themselves in the industry. The team garnered attention not only through their technical abilities but also through the harmony they exhibited together.

Alongside the team’s success, Karma Group continues to invest in sports, showcasing the company’s expanding vision and success-driven approach.

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